Punta Fuego, Batangas

On April 1, 2012 by Mrs C

In the summer of 2008, I went with my college friends on our first post-graduation getaway. Peninsula de Punta Fuego is a private residential beach community in the province of Batangas. Punta Fuego is a Spanish phrase that  literally translates to “point of fire.”

Map to Punta Fuego

Photo from http://www.tranzxp.com/esBat_PuntaFuego.html

Note that since Peninsula de Punta Fuego is a private residential community, you need to be either a resident or a guest (with proof!) to be able to get past the gates.


There were 15 of us all together, squeezed together into 3 cars, and we rented an entire house called Piazza Catalina. To be honest, I don’t really know the details of the rental, my friend took care of it. All I know was that he found the place through Multiply.com.

To get past the village security, we had official letters signed by the house owner.

Piazza Catalina – the house we rented

Piazza Catalina – It’s a huge house!

The house was really nice and big and spacious and immaculately clean. The lot of us occupied one regular-sized room (which had a private bathroom) and one huge Japanese-inspired room (near a dorm-style shower area).

Japanese-style common room, complete with tatami mats and futons!

They even had an outdoor grill where we enjoyed one kebab/barbecue dinner, a spacious outdoor hangout area, and a karaoke machine which we immensely enjoyed.

Barbecue Area

Our hangout – great for late-night poker games!


Since Peninsula de Punta Fuego was a private residential village, there were no fastfood outlets or restaurants inside. The nearest fastfood outlet would be the Jollibee in the nearby town of Nasugbu, which is just a few minutes drive.

Nasugbu also has a market, so you can buy your ingredients here for you to cook at your residence in Punta Fuego.


There were two beaches inside Peninsula de Punta Fuego: Long Beach and Crescent Beach.

Long Beach

Long Beach wasn’t the ideal white-sand beach paradise. Its up-side is two things: 1) it was relatively private since the beach was located in a gated subdivision, 2) the corals were so near the shore, you can go snorkeling without having to go too far out in the water.

Snorkeling at Long Beach – Angelfishes

Snorkeling at Long Beach – Blue Starfish!

Long Beach – Sunset

Long Beach – Sunset

Our friends hung a hammock and played some frisbee. We also did a bit of kayaking from Long Beach to Crescent Beach.

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach was a bit more of a children’s beach, as it was very shallow even as you go several meters from the shore. I imagine it would be great for making sandcastle with toddlers. For us, we used the beach as our location for sunset/silhouette photo sessions.

Crescent Beach – Jump Shot

Crescent Beach – Group Jump Shot FAIL

Crescent Beach – Group Silhouette Pose

The Verdict.

Pros: Driving distance from Manila. Very private. Snorkeling can be done near the shore, no boat rental required. There’s a nearby market, for affordable food options. Beautiful sunset.

Cons: The beach wasn’t picture perfect. You need to own your water sports equipment (kayak, jetski, etc.).

Overall, it’s a great experience if you’re going for privacy, but not so much if you’re after the white-sand beach experience. However, since this is a private residential area, you either need to own a house there (or know someone who does), or rent a house yourself. I’m not sure if there are any room rentals, so I’d think it’s best to go as a large group.

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  • Krystle

    Hi, do you have the contact details of Piazza Catalina? The multiply site doesn’t exist anymore. Thanks!

    • Mrs C

      Hi Krystle! Unfortunately, I wasn’t involved in booking Piazza Catalina, so I don’t have their contact details.

  • Joyce

    Hi there, we wanna go to this place. But we cant seem to find the contact number in any search engine. Can u ask your friend who arranged the booking for piazza catalina pls? The multiply site doesn’t exist anymore too.

  • Joyce

    Aww that’s too bad. I tried contacting them but I haven’t gotten a reply yet. Really hooe it’s still open for rental. Thanks so much for providing the details. I appreciate it, thank you Mrs C! 🙂

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