Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Part 4 of 4) – Honda Bay

On November 29, 2010 by Mrs C

Day 3 was the perfect day to go island-hopping in Honda Bay: a day to relax and laze away after a rough ride to the Underground River the day before. Our tour package took care of everything: the transportation to/from the hotel, the boat rides, the fees associated with stepping onto the private islands, and the lunch. All we had to do was wake up on time.

Snake Island, Honda Bay in Palawan, Philippines

Our first stop was Snake Island. According to our tour guide, it was the last remaining island on Honda Bay which was not privately owned. It’s a very small island. It had a few huts where people can sit, have lunch, and generally take a break from the sun. There was also a volleyball net on the side for people who want to do some beach volleyball.

Next stop was Pandan Island. This one was privately owned. It is associated with The Legend Palawan hotel, and so it has a special area exclusive to guests of The Legend hotel. Since we were staying at a different hotel, we stayed at the common cabanas.

Pandan Island, Honda Bay in Palawan, Philippines

I loooove this place! I love the clear blue waters and the white sand, and the corals and the fishes just a short distance from the shore. And most of all, I love the privacy — we were the only ones there at the time. This is where we had lunch and spent most of the afternoon snorkeling, fish feeding, and just hanging out. I didn’t want to leave.

Luli Island, Honda Bay in Palawan, Philippines

Last stop was Luli Island. The name originates from the Tagalog phrase Lulubog, lilitaw which literally translates to “will sink, will appear”. This is because during high-tide, most of the island goes underwater — and it reappears during low-tide. Luli Island’s main attraction is the jump platform. Most tourists climb this and splash into the water. You can see a better photo of the jump platform here.

Before the sun disappeared, the boatman took us back to the wharf. There was a small row of souvenir stores.

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