Sentosa, Singapore in 2007

On May 6, 2012 by Mrs C

Back in 2007, I had the opportunity to have several business trips to Singapore. At this time, a lot of the current Singapore landmarks were not yet built: no Universal Studios, no Marina Bay Sands, no Singapore Flyer. At the time, the only major attractions in this city-state were the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, and Sentosa.

With a couple of friends who just recently moved to Singapore, we set out for 1 day in Sentosa. It’s a tiny island connected to mainland Singapore by a bridge. There’s a few ways to go there: by bus, by taxi, by tram, or by cable car. Guess which one we took?

Cable car ride from Harbourfront to Sentosa

We bought a package at the ticket sales office in Harbourfront. I forgot how much we paid, but I remember that these included in the package we chose:

  1. Round-trip cable car rides
  2.  Butterfly Garden (with guide)
  3. Underwater world (with guide)
  4. Dolphin Lagoon (with guide)

Although the tour guide was included in the package, we were so immersed in taking photographs inside the Butterfly Garden that we soon fell out of the tour group. We didn’t mind it so much, since that just gave us the freedom to roam around at our own pace.

National Butterflies of the World

Live butterfly

My favorite butterfly in display

It wasn’t all butterflies — there were beetles, dragonflies, and even turtles!

Dragonfly with transparent wings!

Since we fell out of the tour group, we had to make way to the remaining attractions in the package by ourselves.

My friend deciphering the map

The Sentosa Bus

Next stop was the Underwater World Singapore.

Signage to Underwater World Singapore.

It wasn’t my first time in an underwater aquarium (my first time was in Sydney, Australia in 1997) but it was a long time ago and my memories were hazy, so I can’t really compare. What I do know is that Underwater World Singapore was fantastic! I love the fact that there’s even a travellator (you stand on this conveyor belt and it takes you through) for lazy folks like me.

Some huge badass fish and a… shark?

Yes! That is a shark swimming over your head!

Of course I had to take shots of the fishes which appeared on the Finding Nemo movie.

Clownfish. Marlin and Nemo?

A regal blue tang. Dory?

Angelfish. Gill (sans the battle scar)?

My favorite out of the lot were the jellyfishes. So pretty!

After the Underwater World, we took the SkyRide. I wonder why we didn’t do the Luge.

SkyRide at Sentosa

SkyRide at Sentosa. You can see the “Songs of the Sea” set (which was still under construction at the time) and the “Southermost Point of Continental Asia” at the background.

At this point, I think my camera’s batteries ran out. So there’s very few photos left. So unfortunately, there were no photos of the show at the Dolphin Lagoon, where they had pink dolphins doing tricks and stuff. The cool thing is that you can actually volunteer to be a part of the show. It would have been so cool to do it. The only thing that stopped us was that we had no change of clothes.

After that, we went to Palawan Beach, where there was a bridge to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.

Yes, you read that right. There was even a signage that says “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.” I also was puzzled by that statement. I was thinking, “hey, Indonesia is to the south of Singapore, right?” Well apparently, by “continental Asia”, they meant the part of Asia which is connected by land mass. Still don’t get it? Follow this link.

Signage that explains what they mean by "Southernmost Point of Continental Asia."

Signage that explains what they mean by “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.” Photo from,_Sentosa,_Aug_06.JPG

What’s new since 2007:

  • ResortsWorld
  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • iFly
  • MegaZip

I’m sure that’s not the complete list. There’s actually more to the island than I have experienced, so I know I’ll be coming back again.

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