Walking on Hollywood Boulevard

On June 13, 2012 by Mrs C

How can you go to Los Angeles and not go walking on Hollywood Boulevard? It’s where all the stars are at! The street’s most famous feature is the Walk of Fame, where stars on the floor immortalize the names of actors and actresses (definitely a sign of achievement). 

Kodak Theater by day

Aside from that, this street is also home to the magnificent Kodak Theatre (now known as the Dolby Theatre), where red carpets roll out year after year. Inside, the winner of every year’s Oscar award for Best Movie is prominently displayed.

Oscar Best Movie winners on display

If you hang around, you might get lucky and get free tickets to see a late night show and see real stars in person! In 2004, I got free tickets to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In 2008, I got to watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, also for free.

El Capitan Theatre – Home of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show


Guests for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show we got to watch

Thanks to that, we got to watch a live performance from Gavin Rossdale. We were so awed by his great music and his good looks, that we even waited after the show to get an autograph!

I think that may be either my hand or my mom’s, asking for his autograph (which we did get!)

If you haven’t had your fill of stars just yet, you can go watch a movie at the Chinese Theatre, just a few steps away.

Chinese Theatre

Or, like me, you can take a photo of Donald Duck‘s footprints. I also have R2-D2‘s, but the photo wasn’t very clear.

Donald Duck’s footprints at the Chinese Theatre

For some shopping and dining, the Hollywood and Highland Center is smack in the middle of it all. Or, if you’re broke like me, taking photos is also enjoyable. 

Hollywood and Highland Center


Fountain at the Hollywood and Highland Center

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