Denmark? No, it’s Solvang, California!

On July 15, 2012 by Mrs C

My first thought when we stepped into Solvang, California was: Are we really still in America? My mother tells me that this town was initially founded Danish immigrants. I see windmills and the architecture and these signs I can’t read and wooden shoes, and I feel like I’ve been transported to Europe. But then I hear the shop owners speak English, then I get reassured that yes, we’re still in California.

My mom decided to chill out in one of many bakeries around (the cookies are fantastic), after all she did drive all the way out here from Los Angeles. My friend and I walked around by ourselves and were fascinated by the picturesque town.

My favorite place: Hans Christian Andersen Museum. To say that I love fairy tales is an understatement. To be in the Hans Christian Andersen Museum was LOVE. I bought myself a hardbound, complete collection of his works with gold-leaf pages.

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